I first heard the spoken Word piece I Was Recently Told I Am Too Creative by Propaganda at Audiofeed 2014, and it's stuck with me ever since.  One of the struggles we have with Audiofeed is how to describe it.  If you have 15 minutes, I can describe it pretty well.  But it's really hard to have a quick explanation for the guy in the check-out line who asks about my corncob microphone tattoo - when I have 30 seconds.  We find that almost every identifier/label/explanation emphasizes one aspect of what we are over another, or excludes some of our family.  This poem has given Luke, Jay, and I - and all of our core group of volunteers - a center for a quick explanation that finally rings true. 

"...Like Christ wasn’t afraid to mix spit with mud as if he couldn’t fix vision with one word

I’m sorry, I get my creativity from my Father..."

That's what we want for Audiofeed, and for our community.  We want to reflect Christ.  We want people to see the way all of you gather, love each other, share freely, help with any needs, look out for those who are weak... and we want them to be confused.  Confused and drawn in by the beauty , grace, and love that they see.  Just like they were when they saw Christ.  His way was too creative.  We want to reflect that.  If we do, people will be confused by it.  Some might be turned off, but many will be confused but attracted... wanting to know why this gathering looks so different than everything else they know.  It's Christ, not us.  His creativity and love. 

So that's become our quick explanation (not a formal mission statement, just my paraphrase that we all express in our own way):   Audiofeed is a music festival that reflects the creativity of our God who breathed this amazing universe into existence.  We hope we are too creative.

Here's Propaganda performing the complete version of the poem... check it out - well worth your time.


"...I was recently told I was too creative and that shook me to the core
'Cause I have no excuse for fear
I should be roller skating around Saturn, looking down at satellites

And if you mustered up the bravery you would get this one day

See, I fooled you

This isn't a poem

This right here is a runway
Why aren't you flying?

Why aren't you flying?"