John 14-15 is probably my favorite section of scripture.  As I read it I can sense Jesus’ deep, intense, love for His disciples, and I feel really connected to Him in these chapters.  It feels like the way I’d talk to my family if I knew I was leaving this world in a matter of hours.  I’d need to know that I’d done all I could to express my love for them, and to give them whatever wisdom I could. 

And Jesus knows He has the wisdom they (and we) need.  Which all seems to boil down to: believe in Me, follow Me, and love each other.  Why?  He answers that too - “that your joy may be full”.

That’s why Audiofeed is so important to me.  I see so much joy there, and I believe that comes from our family following Jesus’ final, urgent instructions to His disciples.  Believe.  Follow.  Love. 

Audiofeed, and Cornerstone before it, reflect the Body of Christ for me more clearly than any other group I’ve ever been around.  We’re called to be part of one Body - to do things together that we could never begin to do on our own.  I’m really thankful for all of you. There’s something special He does in all of us together.  I’m looking forward to seeing that grow.  As I said last time, I’m not sure what it is going to look like.  But I believe He is doing something special in us together.